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The Boat and the Plow

Johnny liked moonshine whiskey
Billy, he liked his rum
And there ain't no end to the tellin'
About what them boys did for fun.

One time Billy stole the neighbors mule
And Johnny stole his plow
Then they plowed up all of main street
And they're still talkin' bout it now.

Now, they were down across the border
In some Yankee-cheap saloon
Johnny smiled at all the pretty girl
Yes, and the trouble found'em soon.

Some cowboy tried to make a scene
And then he pulled a knife
Johnny, did some-fast talkin'
And then he hit him twice.

Everybody just stepped away
And Johnny, he did too
And that cowboy, he just lay there
And didn't even move.

They were back across the border
When they heard that fella'd died
So they headed out to Nova Scotia
Where they'd heard about the tide.

Well now, Billy, he took up fishin'
And Johnny thought about that plow
And when Billy bought a fishin' boat
That Johnny bought some cows.

That was morn' a hundred years ago
And their families still live here
Some rise and fall on the Fundy tide
And some farm the valley near.

Some still drink moonshine whiskey
And some still fancy rum
But all them boys people
Still like to have some fun.


Copyright 2007. Ed Gnaedinger