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Shake This Devil Free

Now Johnny's way off drinkin moonshine
Yes and Billy's right here drinkin gin
Pretty Sally's in the basement
Just sortin out her sins.
And I am up on the rooftop
Just a starin at the sky
If you give me one more shot of your love, girl
And I could show you how to fly.

Cocaine, may seem like some pretty girl
That will smile and make you turn
Cocaine, yes she may take your love
But she'll give you misery, yes misery in return.

Now that miner's underneath the ground
He's, lookin there for coal
And the preacher's at the alter
He's just lookin for a soul.
And them cowboy's off roping ponies
Way out on the plain
While I just walk these streets alone
Yes, lookin for cocaine.

Cocaine ain't just some pretty girl
You might see and sit beside
Cocaine, you may think she gives you love
But really, she just takes you for a ride.

Now my momma, surely told me
When I was just a lad
If you gonna play with old cocaine
You make all your people sad.
And I know I have been trouble
I have surely made you cry
And if I can't shake this devil free
Then clearly I should die.

Cocaine ain't just another pretty girl
That comes along and keeps you warm
Cocaine, may seem to you like sunshine
But she will lead you to the storm.

Cocaine ain't like no pretty girl
Who's heart you may think you stole
Cocaine don't come to you for love
She just comes to take your soul.


Copyright 2007. Ed Gnaedinger