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        Ain't None Compared To You

I have seen wide rivers
And I have seen tall tall trees
And I have seen some mighty mountains
And I have seen them angry seas
But I ain't never seen that woman
That I would compare to you.

I have seen, some cloudy days
And I have seen that old sun shine
I have heard some sad stories
And I have heard of happy times
But I ain't never heard no woman
That I could compare to you.

Now I have known a rich man
And I've known a poor boy too
And I have surely met the devil
And gave the lord my howdy-do
But I ain't never met no woman
That I would dare compare to you.

In my time, I have been mistreated
A I surely have been treated fine
But in all my ever lovin days
Only one girl could I find
Yes, I have known, some keen women
But there ain't none compare to you.

Yes, I have swam wide water
And I have climbed tall trees
And I have strolled mighty mountains
And I have sailed an angry sea
But I ain't never known no woman
That could mean this much to me.
No, there ain't never been no woman
That could be this much to me.

Copyright 2007. Ed Gnaedinger