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Old Joe Hunt was a farmer

Old Joe Hunt was a farmer
And a good old boy was he
Bout once a week he'd come to town
For a widow there to see

When Billy Boy the gambler
Saw old Joe riding into town
He met him at the hitching rail
Just as Joe was stepping down.

Joe, you're looking mighty thirsty
Wont you step right inside
Cause the beer is cold and I've been told
Some cards you might imbibe.

Well I surely do be thirsty
And I'll have that glass of beer
But them cards ain't for me my friend
My few dollars are too dear.

Joe Hunt now don't you worry
That gambler he did say
My loss will surely be your gain
Could be your lucky day.

Well, beer came to the table
And them cards they did fall
And when the afternoon was over
That gambler had it all.

Joe saw the markings on the cards
And he knew he'd been mistreated
Said, Billy Boy you're a bad bad man
I surely have been cheated.

Then that gambler pulled his pistol
And he meant to do Joe harm
And when that pistol went to smokin
It just shot Joe in the arm.

Then Joe took a hold on Billy
Said, I know you marked that deck
Then they waltzed around the barroom
And Joe done broke Billy's neck.

The sheriff came to the bar room
And seen what had been done
He saw the body lying on the floor
And he just picked up Billy's gun.

He sent for the undertaker
Had Billy's body hauled away
Gave that money there to old Joe Hunt
Said we've all had a lucky day


Copyright 2007. Ed Gnaedinger