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My Girl

My girl’s, always on my mind
Yes, my girl sure was hard to find
And every time I look her way
I see just why I’m here to stay.

(chorus) Yes I sure do hope,
That she’ll keep right on pickin me.

Been together for a long long time
And surely I am past my prime
Younger ain’t quite the word I’d say
But that girl sure gets better every day

I can’t keep track of anything
But that girl, she just pulls my string
And when she’s my provocateur
I just can’t help from lovin her.

The more I see of other girls
Yes, those younger ones with curly curls
They don’t show me anything
They ain’t the ones that make me sing.

My girl’s always on my mind
Especially when she treats me kind
But even when she’s feelin mean
She really is my only queen.

Copyright 2007. Ed Gnaedinger