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There Ain’t Nothing Like Religion

Even when the sun is shining
We just to stand out in the rain,
And even when we know the story,
It just muddles up our brain,
And even when we are surely guilty
We can't quite be held to blame,
Cause there's just nothin like religion
making all mankind insane.

Seems like everything's just turned black and white
And all our colors just seem to fade away.
Seems like there is only left and right
And there just is no other way.
Seems like we just see the dark but not the light
Oh yes, we have surely lost our way.
Cause there's just nothin like religion
To lead so many folks astray.

Seems like intolerance has got this world
Just hanging by a string.
You can ring that bell for evermore,
But we just never hear a thing,
And you can play that song all night and day,
But too few ever try to sing,
Cause there's just nothing like religion
For to shadow, on everything.

Sometimes I truly wonder
When I hear so many people cry,
And it is just our own ambitions
That we try to satisfy,
And there's nothin like religion
To make so many people die.
Oh,…… how can they so believe their story
And still let its message pass 'em by.


Copyright 2007. Ed Gnaedinger