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Save A Little Sunshine

Now save a little sunshine for tomorrow
And while you're there, you might save a little rain
And won't you please just save a little true love
And I my dear, will surely do the same.

When them clouds roll up o'er the mountains
They cover both the city and the sea
But they don't have to cast a shadow
That would keep your love from being free.

They say every cloud's got its silver lining
And yes it's true, I surely know
On the other side of every cloud is sunshine
And the rains they bring us makes love grow.

When I walk out of darkness to the sunshine
And bright skies are waiting there for me
Yes, the other side of any cloud could be true love
And it seems like forever I can see.

Now, there may be truth in sunshine
And there may be truth hiding in the rain
But surely there's more truth in any true love
Than all of them Good Books can explain.


Copyright 2007. Ed Gnaedinger