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Silly Sally

Now, Silly Sally went to town
She went looking for no fling
But along came Yankee Doodle
Just a showing off his thing.

At first, she just pretended
That she didn’t have the time
But it didn’t take too very long
And she bought that Yankee line.

And she just closed her sleepy eyes
When he turned on his charms
Oh, she had such pretty dreams
When he took her in his arms.

He kissed her oh so sweetly
But he knew she was a fool
Cause she was really quite impressed
When shone them family jewels.

Now these could all be yours, my dear
She heard him plainly say
And when she offered up her soul
He surely had his way.

But when again she opened up her eyes
That Yank, he wasn’t there
He’d left nothing but his shadow
And her heart cold and bare.

He’d left nothing but a shadow
And her land so cold and bare.

Copyright 2007. Ed Gnaedinger