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Tag Along

When TheCorporation comes along
It's sure to sing that same old song
About all the things he's gonna do for you.

It's gonna tell you all about free trade
And how you'll never have to be afraid
But you better take a good look in its eye.

You better look at just what it is
It's gonna take far more than it gives
And you'll be lucky if you can even keep the time.

Yes, we've all seen it many times
When it comes along and brings its crimes
And you just can't believe a thing that it might say.

It will offer you a silver cup
But in the end you'll get used up
And just become a piece of its machine.

Yes, when TheCorporation comes your way
It makes all the rules for you to play
And you just better learn to tag along.


Copyright 2007. Ed Gnaedinger