**Play Song**


Now look out brothers, all of you
And you better be a lookin on out now sisters too
Cause TheCorporation's coming through
And you might guess what it will do

It'll bring you all cheap champagne
With promises to cure all your pain
And you just better not complain
Cause that Corporation gonna holds your chain.

When TheCorporation comes your way
You better watch out what you say
Cause it makes all the rules for you to play
And its shadow never really goes away.

Yes, TheCorporation draws the line
It's the one that sets the time
And tells us all how high to climb
And they've done it all with a dollar sign.

And if that dollar sign don't do
There's surely more in store for you
Don't let fear, hate, and hunger spoil your view
Yes, look out people all of you.

Oh brothers, sisters can't you see
What TheCorporation's doing to you and me
No, there ain't gonna be nobody free
Cause the New World Order just means tyranny.
Yes this New World Order, will bring us all to slavery.


Copyright 2007. Ed Gnaedinger