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What Has It All Amounted To

Whiskey John and Billy B' Damned

Whiskey John and Billy B' Damned
Hopped a train headed down the line
Johnny had a bottle of whiskey
And Billy had a shootin iron.

Well, that train came to the station
And the master wanted pay
Ain't getting none of my money
Is what Billy had to say.

If you ain't got no ticket
And you ain't a gonna pay
You can not ride on this here train
You better find another way.

Well, Johnny took out his bottle
And Billy pulled his gun
And he shot that station master dead
And they lit out on the run.

They chased them boys night and day
until there was no place left to hide
They chased-em right out to the ocean
Chased-em right out in the tide.

Well now, Johnny took a drink of whiskey
And threw his hands up in the air
But Billy, he pulled out his pistol
When he should have said a prayer.

That sheriff cleared his holster
And his aim was fast and true
He shot that Billy right through the eyes
And there weren't much left to do.

A jury found Johnny guilty
And the judge said he should die
Then the judge brought out the moonshine
And they all drank and said goodbye.

They put that rope around Jonny's neck
And led him to the hangin tree
And when they raised him in the air
It surely set him free.


Copyright 2007. Ed Gnaedinger