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Down Hill Water
(A novel in seven parts)

         This is a novel of about 350 pages. It takes place amongst the Palouse hills of Eastern Washington State in the very early 1970's. It is about a group of four young men that live in an old farm house near a university town and the long cold winter they spent trying to ignore college classes and responsibility of any kind. The Viet Nam war was raging, drugs were rampant and the language of our young people was atrocious. This story involves all of this, a few scrapes with the law, love, love lost and much more.
         You can read this novel in it's separate parts, either on line or you can down load it to your computer and read it there. I hope that you enjoy this tale of one mean winter of fun.
         Part One          Part Two         Part Three         Part Four         Part Five         Part Six         Part Seven         
Copyright © 2007. Ed Gnaedinger