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         All we have of life, from the time we are born until we die, is the process of life itself and nothing more. Our joys and sorrows, pains and ecstasies, and even our deeds or lack of them are a part of this process. Art forms as well, are a process rather than a product and they can be nearly all inclusive. They may range from painting to farming and far beyond, and they’re “artness” comes from the attitudes and motives of those doing it. The product that we obtain from this process is merely a by-product of this process, which we have to view, and enjoy, and grow from. It is this product that I submit for public view in hopes that it brings pleasure as well as concern for our life on earth.
         My paintings deal largely with the world’s struggle to withstand the influence of man. Though I seldom represent man directly in my work, his place is suggested by the man-made objects that are nearly always present in my paintings. The distinction between the natural and the unnatural is often obscure in the world around us. Moreover, the separations between black and white, legal and illegal, and good and evil are becoming vague as well. I try to portray this scene, this obscured reality.
         With the condition of the earth, politically, physically, and morally, becoming an ever more serious matter all around us, I feel that the arts need to provide an escape into a meaningful reality. My pictures attempt to provide this escape for the viewer, while at the same time portraying the plight of our world.

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