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Paintings from the early to mid 1980's - page 1
Breakfast Creek
The Cabin
Checkerboard Creek
Funeral Arrangements
Palouse Hills On Catfish Flats
Bombs Away
The Flattening of the Palouse
Thje Fabric of a River
City Scape
An Angry Crowd
Leon and the Coolie for Tea
Landscape in a drawer
These paintings have all been done with water based mediums, both acrylic and watercolor. Many have since been sold to various clients scattered across North America and Europe. These paintings are representative of a series of paintings that were done in the 1990's that looked at man's relationship with our environment and though man himself is absent from the canvas, his presence is felt in the man made objects in each of these paintings. I truly believe that it is considerably past the time for us to answer to nature for our sins.
Copyright © 2007. Ed Gnaedinger