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The Palouse Archtop is traced from a 1946 "Epiphone Spartan", but that is where the similarity ends. The body is a little deeper and the bracing is lighter making for a much livelier sounding instrument. Either "X" bracing or parallel bracing can be used depending on the particular sound a player wishes. The parallel bracing makes for a brighter sounding instrument while the "X" braced top will be somewhat warmer. The sound board and back are carefully hand carved to give the utmost in full even tone to each piece of wood used in the building of these guitars. It is 43" long with a 16.5" lower bout and a 11" upper bout. The body is 20" long and 3.5" thick throughout.
"After 22 years composing and performing at the piano, Ed Gnadinger's guitar is redefining my musical direction. This instrument rings infinitely with a warmth rivaling B°sendorfer, Chickering, and Steinway." - Allen James Teague
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