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My parlor guitar is traced from a 1914 Washburn that wandered into my shop one afternoon in the hands of a fine blues player. By the time I was ready to build it, I had forgotten the rest of the measurements. Not really wanting to build a copy of the Washburn, I put my own numbers to the body tracing and came up with a wonderfully big sounding small guitar. This instrument has a 25.4" scale length, making it 39" in total length. The body is 18.5" long and has a 13.5" lower bout, 9.75" upper bout, is a full 4" deep at the tail and 3.75" at the neck. This guitar has 12 frets to the body, but could be made with 14 allowing for more ease with the upper register.
"The Gnaedinger parlor guitar is pure pleasure to play! These little beauties possess superior tone, as well as the volume and projection of a much larger dreadnought. Nicely balanced between the top and bottom end and beautifully finished and appointed. I would highly recommend trying these little gems!"
                        - Gary Menning
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