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The Palouse Jumbo is not fashioned after any standard. It is a composite of several older designs and thoughts of my own. It is 42" in total length with a body length of 20". It has an upper bout of 16", lower bout 11" and is 4" deep at the neck and 4.5" at the tail. The cutaway provides easy access to the upper register and when combined with the careful thinning around the outer edges of the top plate it retains a wonderfully big, full, clear bass. The top is also left a bit thicker under the bridge and the braces are tuned to provide just enough stiffness for the treble to ring out clear focussed and well articulated. Appointments can vary according to the player's wishes.
"I like the even pitch across all the notes. The base notes are particularly clear. The harmonics are better than any guitar I've heard and I think it must be due to the well compensated bridge. The action is perfect and allows easy barring up the neck but still lets me play hard on a dropped D base string without buzzing." - Russ Oakley
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